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Youth Football League 

2020 Season

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Information Update

To the parents and guardians of all CYFL athletes or potential athletes. We hope this letter finds you in good health and good spirits.
We as a board just wanted to speak to everyone for a few moments to possibly answer some questions, explain the current state of our league and hopefully dispel any confusion and/or concern there may be out there about this 2020 football season.

Where we started:
From the beginning of this pandemic back in March, the CYFL board has met continuously on a monthly basis. During the month of March, we decided to proceed with opening registration. The reason we did so, was to assure that when the season begins, we would still be ready. Also during that time, seeing the financial burden that was placed on families, we decided for the first time ever to reduce the cost of registration for tackle football to $50 and leave it there all year. That is a 50% savings off the normal cost and an even lower price than offered during spring camps early registration period. We did that so the kids could still get in the game and life could feel somewhat normal.

The journey:
During the month of April, things continued moving forward as normal for the league, even as the world stood still, once again, so when we get the word, we will be ready and your young athlete will notice no difference in what they have come to know as their football experience. That included, helmet recertification still taking place, coaching certification, practice schedules along with beginning to learn the varsity football programs offense so it would be ready to be taught to the youth. We also began the process of changing part of the look and feel of some things, to make it new and exciting for the athletes. Some of those ideas will be seen when the season starts, others will be instant with the reveal of the new helmet design and logo.
The month of May saw the continuation of meeting with the SIYFL, the conference we belong to. During those meetings, various things were discussed in regards to the current state of youth recreational sports, football, and the status of our season.
During our May meeting, we decided as a conference, to continue on as if we are having our season and meet again mid-June to access if we will be able to start on time, the season will be delayed or worst-case scenario, we are unable to have a season.

Where we are at the moment:
As a league, we are very optimistic that we will have a season. With that being said, we are also putting together a contingency plan for if there is not a “normal” football season.
That could possibly be not playing games against normal opponents but instead against communities closer to us. (Example Cambridge City, Union County, etc). It could also mean that this year games would only involve CYFL teams playing themselves in the traditional sense or possibly being played as 7 on 7 modified flag football games. While we hope we get football in the traditional sense, we wanted to assure you that we have a backup plan and will implement whichever plan in accordance with current rules and within guidelines at that time.

Registration is open and will remain open until we have to close it to finalize rosters. Registration can be completed online at our website.

We are actively soliciting corporate and individual sponsors. We will be announcing our first official corporate sponsor.

Moving forward:
School properties, including football fields and practice fields, are scheduled to open July 1st.
We have been and are continually in contact with the CHS varsity football coach and using his guidance and information he receives from local administration, the state, and IHSAA to help guide us in our planning and next steps.
At the current time, the official CYFL practice will begin on July 6th at 6 pm. That is subject to change in accordance with state protocol at that time, but if everything stays the course with the state phases and what the school administration is saying, we will follow along with what the high school program is doing as we always have.
Those practices will be conducted with every safety measure, sanitization standard, and guideline in place that is handed down to us.
That is what we proudly hang our hat on our legacy of having a greatly ran program and having 100% certified coaches at all levels.

I want to briefly cover registration fees if the season were not to happen in any form and that football was fully canceled for the fall of 2020.

*If you are registered and your athlete is a current 6th grader, your fees would instantly be refunded to you.

*If you are registered and your athlete is a current K-5 student you would have a couple of options.
Option 1: We rollover 2020 fees to the 2021 season. Meaning your athlete is already registered for the 2021 season. Taking this option would also lock in your cost if there was a need for the league to raise the registration fees for the 2021 season. You would be registered at the 2020 cost of $25 and $50.

Option 2: We refund your fees to you for the 2020 season and you will have to re-register for the 2021 season at its cost.

We understand there is some confusion, concern, and uncertainty about what football could or will look like this year. I want to assure you, we share those same feelings. The CYFL board is made up of parents, grandparents, and adults just like you that have the safety of these young athletes first and foremost in our minds.
While the contact aspect of football is currently prohibited in the state of Indiana, the agility, conditioning, and speed aspects of it are not per the Governor. Along with IHSAA guidance and seeing college campuses opening to on-site classes in August, that gives us great optimism that everything will go as planned for the 2020 season.

We hope this helps answer some of your questions, concerns, and confusion. At any time, please feel free to reach out to us as a league via email or FB. Contact information is also available on our website.

CYFL Board of Directors